LightOptronics Aust.™ is a sales and marketing company and distributor of the below listed companies, specialising in products of the near & infrared light spectrum for commercial, military and industrial applications; and servicing of specialized medical pneumatic devices.
Our Products include: Surface Preparation Equipment, Precision Saws, Joy Sticks, Fibre Optic Joints, Synoptics Laser Crystals, Hip Broaching Systems, Electrical Slip Rings, Fibre Components & Fibre Polishers, Laser Diode Arrays, Laser Modules; Electronics & Support Equipment; and Industrial Laser Systems.

Fibre Optic Communications for the Mining Industry

Fibre Optic Rotary Joints are widely used in cable reel systems from cranes to sensing systems applications where twist-free optical cable is essential.

Synoptics Laser Crystals

Synthetic crystals and optical components used primarily in the solid-state laser industry for use in the medical, industrial, scientific, and military laser markets.

FO Inter-connect products & Slip Rings

Princetel, Inc. a US manufacturer of fibre optic inter-connect products; fibre optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, active and passive fibre optic components, and fibre polishing machines

The Woodpecker™

The Woodpecker™ represents an advancement of the Total Hip Arthroplasty [THA] procedure with over 3000 systems in use today

Cutting Edge Optronics

Cutting Edge Optronics is the leading provider of high-power diode laser arrays, high power pump modules and DPSS lasers. CEO are a vertically integrated manufacturer capable of supplying unmounted diode bars, packaged laser diodes, DPSS modules, laser diode drivers and complete DPSS laser systems. Our diode laser based products have become industry standards, and used in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

Ultra Tec Manufacturing inc.

Design, manufacture and provide advanced surface & sample preparation equipment along with their attendant accessories and consumables, which are used in multiple industrial settings throughout the world.


Hangzhou Prosper

Manufacturer of precision slip rings and joysticks to CE, RoHS, MSDS and ISO 9001-2008 certifications. Prosper slip rings are widely used in commercial and military applications, ranging from CCTV security, industrial automation, electric power generation, measurement instruments, medical equipments to building construction. Besides combined power & signal slip rings, we also offer high frequency rotary joints and hydraulic/pneumatic/encoder hybrid slip rings.

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Data Security Solutions

Storing and protecting digital data over decades is generally no easy task. Tecnostore’s Das data security solutions take the complexity out of those tasks. Available as a solution kit that can be tailored to your business needs, Das data security solutions fit perfectly into your business infrastructure.

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