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LightOptronics Aust.™ is a marketing and service company specialising in products of the near & infrared light spectrum for commercial, military and industrial applications; and servicing of specialized medical pneumatic devices.
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Hitachi Metals Fiber Optic Rotary Joint allows no-interference optical signal transmission while rotating along the optical fiber axis. FORJs are widely used in cable reel systems from cranes to sensing systems applications where twist-free optical cable is essential. Hitachi Metals brings you high performance, reliability and low cost all in one.

  • Cranes: Unloaders, Stackers, Reclaimers etc.
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Undersea Telemetry
  • Robots
  • Radar Antennas

  • Cost-effective
  • Low insertion loss (2dB max)
  • Multi-channels from 2 ports to 12 ports
  • FC and ST connectors available
  • Low cross talk (-50dB max)
  • Dust resistance (IEC60529)
  • High reliability (2,4,6 ports: 108 rotations) (8,10,12 ports : 107 rotations)

  • Cost-effective
  • Low insertion loss (2dB max.)
  • Multi-channels from 2 ports to 6 ports
  • FC and ST connectors available
  • Low cross talk (-50dB max.)
  • Dust resistance (IEC60529)
  • High reliability (108 rotations)

  • Multi-channels from 2 ports to 18 ports
  • FC connectors available
  • Low cross talk (-50dB max)
  • High reliability (107 rotations)

TD05-28-1002 Low-loss adapter 8-12 port 

TD05-28-1006 Conventional 14-18 port 

TD03-28-1001 new FORJ instruction manual 

TD05-28-1004 Conventional 2-4 port 

TD05-28-1016 HRJ instruction manual 

TD05-28-1001 Low-loss adapter 2-6 port 

TD05-28-1005 Conventional 6-12 port 

TE57-0159 Maintenance guideline 


LightOptronics Aust™

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