Fiber Optic And Laser Products For Commercial, Medical, Military & Industrial Applications

Servicing Of Specialised Medical Pneumatic Devices

Who We Are and What We Do

LightOptronics Aust.™ specialises in the sale and distribution of products of the near and infrared light spectrum for commercial, military, medical, and industrial applications, as well as the servicing of specialised medical pneumatic devices. We have established long-term relationships with leading manufacturers and work with them to deliver products and services to satisfy our clients’ needs and specifications.


Our Products include: Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Electrical Slip Rings, Fiber Components & Fiber Polishers; Hip Broaching Systems (Service & Repair); Electronics & Support Equipment; Solid State Laser Materials, Laser Diode Arrays, Laser Modules Solid State Laser Materials, and Industrial Laser Systems.

Why Choose Us

First established in 2005, LightOptronics Aust.™ is a small, customer-focused business delivering high quality products coupled with personalised service and attention. From receiving the initial order right through to final delivery, attention to the specific needs of each individual customer is of paramount importance.

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.”

– Jeff Bezos, Amazon

LightOptronics Aust.™ is the distributor/repairer for a number of local and international companies, with established long-term relationships with industry leading manufacturers to achieve the specifications and services our clients need. Some of our long-term customers include: GE Renewable, Cavotec Australia, Conductix-Wampfler, RioTinto, BHP, ThyssenKrupp, ICM Group, NCIG, Smith & Nephew, Lima, Corin, Macquarie University, and many others.



fibre optic rotary joints


Princetel Inc. and Proterial, Ltd. Fiber Optic Rotary Joints allow no-interference optical signal transmission while rotating along the optical fiber axis. FORJs are…



Developed in Switzerland in 1992 by Integral Medizintechnik AG (IMT) and used by Orthopedic Surgeons worldwide, the Woodpecker represents…



Northrop Grumman – Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) and Northrop Grumman – Synoptics are the leading manufacturers of high-power diode laser arrays…


Companies We Distribute For

Fiber Optic Inter-Connect Products & Slip Rings

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Princetel Inc. is a US manufacturer of fiber optic inter-connect products; fiber optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, active and passive fiber optic components, and fiber polishing machines.

Fiber Optic Communications

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Proterial, Ltd. Fiber Optic Rotary Joints allows no-interference optical signal transmission while rotating along the optical fiber axis. FORJs are widely used in cable reel systems from cranes to sensing systems applications where twist-free optical cable is essential. Proterial Ltd. brings you high performance, reliability and low cost all in one.

The Woodpecker

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The Woodpecker™ represents an advancement of the Total Hip Arthroplasty [THA] procedure with 3000 to 6000 systems in use today.

Cutting Edge Optronics

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Cutting Edge Optronics is the leading provider of high-power diode laser arrays, high power pump modules and DPSS lasers. CEO are a vertically integrated manufacturer capable of supplying unmounted diode bars, packaged laser diodes, DPSS modules, laser diode drivers and complete DPSS laser systems. Our diode laser based products have become industry standards and are used in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

Synoptics Laser Crystals

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Synthetic crystals and optical components used primarily in the solid-state laser industry for use in the medical, industrial, scientific, and military laser markets.

Data Security Solutions

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Storing and protecting digital data over decades is generally no easy task. Tecnostore’s Das data security solutions take the complexity out of those tasks. Available as a solution kit that can be tailored to your business needs, Das data security solutions fit perfectly into your business infrastructure.

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