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To the fullest extent legally possible, all customers and dealings with DEKEMO Pty Ltd ABN 17 117 078 494, ACN 117 078 494 trading as LightOptronics Aust.™ are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Trade unless otherwise agreed in writing.


  1. Liability: We, DEKEMO Pty. Ltd., trading as LightOptronics Aust.™, shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, or for any delay or loss of use (including, without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits) arising out of, resulting from, or in any way related to the sale of any products by LightOptronics Aust.™
  2. Duties and Taxes: LightOptronics Aust.™ reserves the right and the Buyer herewith acknowledges that LightOptronics Aust.™ may, upon providing to the Buyer prior written notice, increase the agreed price of goods to reflect any increase in taxes or duties payable on the goods sold.
  3. Terms of Payment: To be made to DEKEMO Pty. Ltd. by Electronic Funds Transfer, without deductions, within 30 days (or 60 days if agreed in writing) from invoice date or receipt of goods, whichever occurs earliest.
  4. Pricing & GST: Prices quoted are net of GST.
  5. Warranty: LightOptronics Aust.™’s sole and exclusive warranty for items sold is as follows: LightOptronics Aust.™ will correct or repair or replace, at its option, any defect of material or workmanship which develops within * months after delivery of the item to the original purchaser. There are no other warranties, whether expressed or implied.
  6. Returns: No returns will be accepted unless LightOptronics Aust.™’s prior consent in writing has been given. LightOptronics Aust.™ will not be liable for freight charges of goods returned.
  7. Variation: In such case where prices have been quoted as variable, based on a rate of exchange any variation in that exchange rate of more than two (2) basis points in either direction, on ninety percent (90%) of the selling price, will be debited/credited to your account accordingly.
  8. Cancellation: No order which has been accepted by LightOptronics Aust.™ may be cancelled, except with our agreement in writing and on terms that require you to indemnify us against all our losses, including reasonable profit, cost of all labour and material, and any other charges, expenses, or damages incurred by us as a result of your cancellation
  9. Forward Orders: You agree a) to pay for so much of any order as is invoiced by LightOptronics Aust.™ b) no delay or failure to fulfil any part of an order shall entitle you to cancel, vary, or delay payment.
  10. Delivery: As stated refer quotation.
  11. Force Majeure: LightOptronics Aust.™ will not be in default because of Force Majeure.

* See quotation for Warranty Period or contact your sales representative.

Companies We Distribute For

Fiber Optic Inter-Connect Products & Slip Rings

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Princetel Inc. is a US manufacturer of fiber optic inter-connect products; fiber optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, active and passive fiber optic components, and fiber polishing machines.

Fiber Optic Communications

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Proterial, Ltd. Fiber Optic Rotary Joints allows no-interference optical signal transmission while rotating along the optical fiber axis. FORJs are widely used in cable reel systems from cranes to sensing systems applications where twist-free optical cable is essential. Proterial Ltd. brings you high performance, reliability and low cost all in one.

The Woodpecker

More Info

The Woodpecker™ represents an advancement of the Total Hip Arthroplasty [THA] procedure with 3000 to 6000 systems in use today.

Cutting Edge Optronics

More Info

Cutting Edge Optronics is the leading provider of high-power diode laser arrays, high power pump modules and DPSS lasers. CEO are a vertically integrated manufacturer capable of supplying unmounted diode bars, packaged laser diodes, DPSS modules, laser diode drivers and complete DPSS laser systems. Our diode laser based products have become industry standards and are used in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

Synoptics Laser Crystals

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Synthetic crystals and optical components used primarily in the solid-state laser industry for use in the medical, industrial, scientific, and military laser markets.

Data Security Solutions

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Storing and protecting digital data over decades is generally no easy task. Tecnostore’s Das data security solutions take the complexity out of those tasks. Available as a solution kit that can be tailored to your business needs, Das data security solutions fit perfectly into your business infrastructure.

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